Accountability - Transparency - Professionalism

Titan Security and Investigation is a comprehensive security firm offering services in security consultancy and risk assessment, private investigations, executive protection and special events. 

We believe companies have the right to know exactly where their money is going which is what makes Titan Security stand out from the rest as we are confident in the delivery of our commitments through our 100% Accountability and Transparency policy.

Our goal is to raise the bar with professionalism and provide companies with the level of confidence and respect they deserve by identifying their security needs and quality assurance through a personal security audit.


Hiring security should mean you're secure. That’s why Titan makes sure its service is on point and on strategy, every time.

Security Consultancy & Risk Assessment

Our security consultants have years of experience advising private clients and corporations across a variety of industries including airports, manufacturing, industrial, entertainment and private entities.

Guard Services

Titan has highly experienced staff that have been trained through our own personalized program. We believe that training, experience and strong management is imperative to the success of our guards.

Private Investigations

Titan’s Investigation Division has private investigators that can provide you with the information needed to make informed decisions in your business or personal life.

Electronic Guard Management

To provide accountability, our security guards are provided with a live, 24/7 software reporting application that allow us to verify that their patrols and duties are being performed as required throughout their shift.