Titan’s objective is to improve how the security industry is perceived. We believe companies have the right to know exactly where their money is going and we are confident  in the delivery of our commitments. Our goal is to provide our clients with a level of confidence and respect they deserve, leaving them with a pure sense of professional security and comfort. 

Our company's foundation is infused with deep-rooted, moral and ethical values that strongly represent who we are. We are a team of well experienced professionals equipped with a broad spectrum of skill sets, making us qualified to deliver a product like no other and be the game changers of our industry. 

We genuinely care about our clients and the people and property we are hired to protect. For us, security isn’t just a job, it's what we were born to do. 

Long Term Care Security Services

Our Long Term Care (LTC) Security staff provide frontline support for Health Care workers to help protect vulnerable populations.

Security Consultancy & Risk Assessment

Our security consultants have years of experience advising private clients and corporations across a variety of industries including airports, manufacturing, industrial, entertainment and private entities.

Uniformed Guards

Titan has highly-experienced staff trained through our own personalized program. We believe training, experience and strong management is imperative to the success of our guards.




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