The Riverfront Jubilee 2019

As professional in the law-enforcement community, with more than 16-years-experience, I have partnered, in various capacities, with several private security providers.  From the public sector, I have been responsible for developing, implementing, and supervising many operational plans for high-risk, large-scale events.

As the director of security for the New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee, I am responsible for identifying, measuring, and mitigating risk associated with our event.  In 2019, this objective was easily achieved with the professional service provided by Titan Security & Investigations Inc. From the onset, Titan’s management team provided me with confidence in their product.  Titan remained highly responsive and provided knowledgeable insight and collaboration from start to finish. Titan maintained great situational awareness and responded very effectively to several dynamic scenarios throughout our event.  

Based on my experience with Titan Security & Investigations Inc., they have set the standard for private security in Nova Scotia.  Titan is a brand that can be trusted and relied upon to protect your assets. Without hesitation, I provide Titan Security & Investigations Inc. with a sincere recommendation.

Ryan Leil
Director of Security
New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee


 The Chronicle Herald

“Titan is also  providing the industrial security for the Herald printing facility, and all additional 32 news outlets over 4 provinces. 24/7. Titan closed the gap between security and maintenance  using our web based reporting software,improving overall cost efficiency.

Ian Scott, Executive

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

      Memorial Cup - Street Fest

We selected Titan as our security providers after an extensive RFP and selection process.

We knew that a 10 day outdoor concert would require our service provider to be extremely flexible and professional at the same time, and Titan not only met but exceeded expectations. Their constant communication with direct access to the owners/VPs, strong team leads who were empowered to make decisions, and their team approach to delivering the best possible experience for the general public we’re all contributing factors.

Titan played a vital role in both the planning, execution and evolution of our security needs. Their team was focused on ensuring we were able to not only keep the venue and our attendees safe, they worked closely with the other local business owners to mitigate their concerns to help ensure minimal disruption to their customers. It was clear from the onset that Titan saw themselves as more than a service provider, but a partner in ensuring the success of our event.

I look forward to working with Ashley, Konstantine and their team again.

Trevor Daigle, VP StreetFest

2019 Memorial Cup Organizing Committee


Rath Eastlink Community Center

“As a dynamic sport and entertainment venue located in the heart of Atlantic Canada it has always been a challenge sourcing reliable and professional security personnel for our events… that is, until we built a relationship with Titan Security!  Ashley and her team have provided top notch “turn-key” solutions for all of our security needs. Safety is our top priority and we know that we can trust the Titan team to be accountable and dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our staff, clients, and patrons alike”.

Matt Moore , General Manager

The Riverfront Jubilee

“During the 2017 Riverfront Jubilee, Titan Security was thoroughly organized, respectful, and a pleasure to work with. Their commitment to top-quality security service was upheld throughout the entire festival, and communicated regularly and clearly with our board members. In all situations experienced during the festival, every member of the Titan Security team was respectful and were a key piece of our festival being a success this year.”

Michelle MacLean, Chair - Riverfront Jubilee

South Shore Exhibition

After selecting Titan Security to provide security for our 6 day event, nerves started to set in, having a new security company and not knowing the staff, was one of the concerns that I had. However, those concerns soon came to rest once I met the crew, Richard was absolutely awesome at his position, and his crew was second to none. They provided great service, professionalism, respect, and great communication skills. Their main goal was to keep the general public, our exhibitors, and participants safe, also to diffuse a situation before it became critical, and they were able to accomplish that plus so much more. I am looking forward to working with them again in 2020. Thanks to Ashley and Konstantin for providing great service and great crew. I give them a 5 star rating.


Jeanette Penney

Exhibition Manager for South Shore Exhibition