Ashley Innocente


Ashley Innocente


Ashley is a trailblazer in the security field. She is the President, Partner &  Founder of Titan Security and Investigation Inc.-the premiere full-service company in Atlantic Canada. 

Ashley’s passion for protection and security was nurtured at a young age. She had a natural ability to diffuse any difficult situation and was fearless in defending others when they had no voice or were vulnerable. When she decided to pursue an education in corrections it was a natural evolution for her and marked the beginning of a varied and impressive career.

Ashley possesses a unique combination of compassion with unwavering strength that she brings to every professional situation. This has earned the respect of her peers and admiration from all of her clients. It was through her broad range of experience where Ashley honed her leadership skills. Whether it was at the front line as an agent or in a managerial role-Ashley has witnessed and effectively managed every security scenario that she faced. 

Recognizing the value in the protection of people and ensuring order and security during public and private events and /or industrial/ commercial venues - continues to drive her to excellence. She continues to push herself to grow in order to better serve client needs and this inspired her to branch out on her own. In April 2016 she made this vision happen and founded Titan Security. Today she presumed the role as Vice President and assist in leading over 100 employees in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Today she is organizing deployment plans for large scale events in cooperation with the clients and artists. Ashley’s skill set is extensive: operations; risk assessment, conflict resolution; team-building; coaching; training and coordinating staff. 

Ashley graduated at the top of her class with a Diploma in Corrections from Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). Ashley is proudly based in Halifax, NS. When she is not leading her company she enjoys quality time training her beautiful and loyal German Shepherd, Daisy.