Long Term Care Security Services

Long Term Care Security Services



LTC Support Security 

  • Providing a safe environment for both staff and residents who are specifically trained to deal with responsive behavioral issues. We use a calm, gentle approach to guide residents who are challenging.

LTC Mobile Support Security 

  • To help serve our partners, this position was developed to provide cost effective options with the ability to have multiple locations covered in one day. Our flexible mobile support is available at your convenience, when you need us most.

Added Value Security - Sitters for Seniors

  • Working collaboratively with nursing staff, our sitters are trained in providing  supervision, companionship and friendly conversations. 

Crisis Support Worker

  • An individual in crisis may respond to a sense of helplessness and loss of control through withdrawal, depression, suicidal ideation/ attempts or overly through angry outbursts and or violent bursts and or violent acts. The intent is to help front line workers to respond to these individuals in their care through enhanced personal awareness, appropriate verbal interventions, and active disengaging skills.