Titan Security is widely regarded as the leading independent event security company in Nova Scotia. Our Event Management division, which has professionals with well over 20 years of experience in event security, project management, orchestrating and implementing our expertise, will ensure a smooth event every time. Our event coordinators assist our clients in providing the correct numbers and expert skills for all crowd management and logistical requirements. 

Special Event Services

  • Event Coordinator - Providing a safe environment for both staff and patrons, this position coordinates the overall security guard compliment, prepares client security plans, plays a key role in communications between client, police, and communicates when needed with emergency services.  

  • Event Security Personnel - Our security personnel come from a variety of backgrounds and experience. Titan’s goal is to come together for one collective concept. As brand ambassadors, the best customer service standard we adhere to is “You are only as good as your last hour. “ 

  • First Aid - MFR (medical first responders) - We have team of quality trained emergency response professionals, who are trained and prepared to respond to medically urgent situations. This team directly reports to Emergency Services. 

  • Close Protection (including close protection and secure transport) - We have the experienced driver that you want to hire. Having been there and done that, you are covered with Titan’s Elite Transport team.