Uniformed Guard Services

Uniformed Guard Services

Our uniformed "site security", provide experienced and trained officers who are well-equipped to work in a wide range of situations, locations and under various environmental conditions.

From construction sites to equipment depots and storage facilities, a uniformed security officer can make sure that your site is secure from theft and vandalism. Titan Security and Investigation Inc. will work with you to understand your unique challenges and then develop a site security plan to help protect assets and facilities.

Titan Security and Investigation Inc. can put in place a security plan for your site. No matter if you need a temporary security solution for only a few days, or a longer term solution Titan Security and Investigation Inc. can quickly and efficiently establish a security presence at your construction site, equipment depot, storage facility, church, office building, corporate meeting site or any other location.

Your security plan is developed with your input and direction and focuses on protecting people, facilities and assets. You can be confident that your site is safe and secure.

Our Security guards are provided with live, 24/7 reporting software on their mobile phones, which provides 100% accountability and transparency in our operations, ensuring that our duties are being performed as required throughout each shift. The software can be tailored for each individual clients need to access the security guard’s reports 24/7, giving the client the peace of mind that they know where their investment is going.

Site Security Inludes: 

  • Commercial/Malls
  • Vehicle Depots
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Industrial
  • Labour Strike Security
  • Churches
  • Construction Sites
  • Loss Prevention